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A research service for veterinarians. About pet owners.

There’s a gap between what pet owners think and what veterinarians think they think.

Diggo surveys pet owners to reveal what they have to say and brings the true voice of the pet owner directly to you. This low-cost research service offers timely pet owner insights and direction for how to better serve changing client needs.

“I pride our practice in understanding our clients’ needs. After reading the Diggo summer report, my eyes were opened to customer issues and information we were missing. I love the report, especially the action items. Information is great, but what to do with it is key!”

“I think it’s a great concept and can be a tremendous value for practitioners. As veterinarians, we are often nearsighted, believing and acting on things that we’ve always thought to be true. Reading Diggo is like putting on a new pair of glasses and seeing things in a whole different perspective. I like that you also simplify the Actions to make it easy for practitioners to implement the concepts.”

“Diggo = Excellent”

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